Thursday, May 28, 2009

Eryka's Place
Original and unique die cuts created in my studio in Australia.

These are only $15.00USD per dozen

Fancy cup cake wrappers are all the rage for those special occasions. This Flower Power is one of my orginal designs.

This heart design would be ideal for a wedding, engagement or anniversary. I have done this one in red acid free paper but can do them in any colour to match your theme.

They are not massed produced but cut to order, so let me know what colour you would prefer. Please have a look at my other wrappers to see what colours I carry in stock.

The price is for 12 cupcake wrappers in paper.
They are designed for cupcakes with a 5cm base and stand about 5 cm tall.

If you prefer a card or metallic card I need to charge extra to cover cost of special papers but I think you will find I am still very reasonable-I do not charge extra just because the the word "wedding" is mentioned.

Here are some more examples of my designs.

This teddy bear design would be great for birthday parties, or baby shower.

These are $25.00USD per dozen

Please visit my website or my on line store or contact me directly at

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